"I was here. I lived. I loved."

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asjklideuwhf!!! OMFG!! Your writing is CRAZY GOOD! That was way better then majority of the books I've ever read! I can't wait to see what else you have in store!

Thank you, babe!

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Yasss I'm here for this! :D Beautifully written I loved it!

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LMFAOOO. Thank you so much!!!

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Wow this is so much more than a fanfic, it's art. I love how you re-created those scenes. I was like dammmmnnn I would have never thought to say it like that. Great chapter

I took from experience writing that scene; I guess that’s what made it so much more raw and was able to provoke some emotions. But thank you so much!!!

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That has got to be one of the best thing's I've ever read in my life. You are a phenomenal writer and your writing skills are impeccable. Great job!

Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much! I seriously appreciate the complement!

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Oh my gosh! You are such a talented writer! The emotions ran through me and I love how you are do literate! I want more!! :3 ~ a.s

Thank you so much! 

I was kinda afraid it would sound too wordy when I was editing. 

But I did my best to try and recreate the feeling. I’m glad you liked it!

I’ll try update again soon!

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He’d stolen your heart the way an autumn breeze flutters leaves that scatter the ground; without direction. And as you chased after him to take it back, you found yourself slowly, but surely falling for him.

Yet this afternoon you stepped through the doorway like shattered glass.

The contents of your backpack spilled onto the floor when it slipped through your fingers as your bottom lip quivered.

Despair written on your lips and dejection in your eyes, I knew the face of heartbreak so well.

The frigid air was as cold as the heart of the young man who abandoned you, said he’d found his heart belonged with another.

Running mascara tainted your beautiful face as it morphed into a cry of anguish and your hands clutched your ears and you sunk to the floor, your tears the soaking the sides of your wrist as you released the pain that shook the very foundation of your soul.

You huffed for air, trying to recover some fraction of hope that the last year of your life hadn’t been lived in regret, dispersing your all into someone who only discarded it for what he thought was better.

The sight reawakened the  déjà vu within me; my mother had watched the same scene before with me.

I was immobile in the wake of your heartbreak, feeling the same  unpleasant compression within my own chest, knocking the wind out of me. I had to turn my back to you on the staircase as I clenched a fist, resting on top of my breasts as my stunned eyes stared aimlessly at the ascending stairs as I fought to catch my breath.

When I had finally regained composure and faced you, you were unresponsive to the calls of your name. Your eyes were low and opaque with despondence as you wrapped your arms around your quaking body and rocked back and forth for comfort.

I crouched in front of you and placed a warm hand on the side of your face, entangling  my hand within your unruly curls, yet you still refused to look at me.

As I looked into your sienna eyes, I could see the golden flecks that resided within them and a chill ran down my spine as I recognized who they had been passed down by.

My hand groped the floor, looking for any evidence that would animate the reason behind the heartbreak and when I found it, my heart lapsed, knowing you had made the same mistake I had made seventeen years earlier.

You rested your head on my chest and my hand wrapped  around your back as your hair tickled my neck and shoulders, a river of tears flowing down my chest as I consoled you.

Bringing the paper up to eye level, I read the goodbye letter and my heart frowned as I could hear the plea for forgiveness in each stroke of his crooked letters.   

I’d sworn after you were born you’d never suffer the same pain I endured for nine years before your birthing into this world and after that night I had undoubtedly failed.

You would now have to live with the same life had, constantly finding some sort of reminder of a love you once cherished. The love you had just been excluded from was more complex than any normal one; the constant reminder of him would be in everything - from the books you read to the margins of your journal. In the words you wrote and in the coffee you drank.

As I clutched onto you and continued to sway back and forth, I hoped  you would never experience the same woe I had. You had one love lost and I prayed you would wear the lesson learned like a jewel on the crown of lessons learned and not turn it into the something even more heart wrenching, like what I had done.

I, too, had fallen in love with a man who somehow found time to put me above his love for prose just like you.

But where I failed, I hoped you never had the patience to ever experience.

The singlehandedly worst decision I ever made was falling in love with the same writer twice.

I am in the works of editing the first chapter, but I want to make something clear before I post it in a few.

This story will be written in second person, meaning Beyoncé will be talking to you. Although you are the reader, she will be telling you the story as if you were someone close to her, so she will refer to you as you from time to time. Just wanted to clear that up before any confusion could happen. Check back soon for the first chapter!

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Yesssss! Finally some Beyoncé fanfic *does a back flip from excitement but then realizes that I don't know how to do one and fall on my head*


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This blog will be a collection of stories featuring Beyoncé as the lead.

I’m just a girl who loves to write and loves Beyoncé, so I figured why not merge the two? 

The first story, Disappear, will be based off of the song of the same name, but as time progresses, other stories will be added. As of right now, I am in the works of the first chapter and I look forward to posting it this weekend. 

So here’s to the start of something I look forward to sharing with all of you!

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